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acorn squash gnocchi with butter rosemary sauce

Well…the picture does not reflect the tastiness of this dish but I promise you will not regret making it.  It was super easy and doesn’t take all that long if you break it up into stages.  I have to do this because Elliot, my 1.5 year old is pretty demanding of my attention when his father is not around.

Here are the ingredients.  I don’t measure anything so I can’t promise yours will be as tasty as mine was.  Or that if I make it again I will get the same results for myself…

1/2 of an acorn squash

some olive oil

quite a bit of all-purpose white flour

1  egg yolk

5 seconds grating of nutmeg

a large pinch of salt

a normal pinch of pepper

butter enough to cover the bottom of the pan

some rosemary

1 clove of garlic



Bake the squash until it is soft all the way through.  Baking is better than boiling because when you boil the squash will soak up a lot of water.  Where as baking dries it out.   I think I cut mine up into crescents and grilled it.  Some of it came out a little dry but that was fine.  Set the cooked squash aside to cool.

Once cooled, scrape the squash from the rind and put it in a bowl.  Then add garlic from a garlic press, egg, salt, pepper, and oil into the same bowl.  puree the mix.  When it is super smooth add some flour.  Keep adding and stirring the mix and flour until you for a soft dough.  Don’t mess with it too much.  That will make the gnocchi chewy.

When you have your gnocchi dough all ready you want to flour a surface, your hands, a fork, and a knife.  Take a scoop of the dough and roll it in your hands into short orange snakes (don’t man handle it just a sloppy snake will be fine).

Start boiling your water in a pot with plenty of salt and oil (keeps the suckers from sticking together).

Cut the orange snakes into bite sized pieces and mash them a tiny bit with a fork.  gently place them in the boiling water.  They are done when they float.

While they are cooking (about 5 min), heat a pan with butter and rosemary,  melting the butter.

Remove them from the water and fry them in the butter for a minute or two.  Serve with fresh grated Parmesan and a nice glass of red wine 🙂

I used a few sites to help me with the fundamentals of gnocchi.  So if you need more specific instruction check out these 🙂

This one is how to make normal potato gnocchi:

This one was where the basic idea came from but it was too involved for me so I improvised:

Let me know if you make it and how it turned out for you.


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