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Drying in the microwave

My husband said that my blog was depressing…
So here is a post about drying herbs and stuff in the microwave.
I have limited equipment and ingredients here in the cafe so I have to make everything work for me in new ways.
Recently I have discovered drying in the microwave. It is super easy.
I just dried a whole ginger root in about 7 minutes. All you have to do is:
1) take out the glass plate from the microwave.
2) put an unfolded paper towel or napkin on it.
3) peel the ginger root and slice it super thin or use the peeler.
4) place the slivers of ginger on the plate and cover with another paper towel.
5) microwave on high for about 5 minutes.
And voila!
So easy. Just pop it in a glass jar and use as needed. I use the same method for mint, orange peel, any other things i have on hand.
Note: if the ginger is not totally dry give it more time. Herbs take less time.
See not depressing:D


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