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dazzling raindrops


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For the past few weeks artist Antonin Fourneau has been working at the Digitalarti Artlab in Paris creating what’s being called his Water Light Graffiti system. The device utilizes a giant matrix of LEDs embedded in a moisture sensitive panel that when exposed to water causes the lights inside to instantly illuminate. The fun thing is that almost anything becomes a temporary paintbrush: a wet hand, a squirt gun, a paintbrush or even an atomizer. Water Light Graffiti was recently put on display in Poitiers, France and you can watch the video above to see it in use, and here’s a short clip (in French) of Fourneau showing how the entire thing was constructed. Many more photos here.

It made me think of an entire building covered in this type of paneling.  Here in Denmark where it rains more often than not, where the days are often dark,  a moisture sensitive  building would literally add a little dazzle to our lives.  Wouldn’t it be mesmerizing to watch the raindrops fall and drip down the facade creating a path of light.  Just like when I was little going to school in the rain, I would see the drops on the window of the car and imagine they were dancing with each other.  On those day the trip to school was always too short.



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