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Distortion is a fantastic street party here in Copenhagen.  It is one occasion where the city comes alive with music and people everywhere.  It is a little bit of chaos in this predictable country.  About a week ago Distortion came to Vesterbro to liven things up.  The weather was crappy, rainy, and cold.  It was great for me at Teteria .  People were piling in all day to escape the elements and warm up with a nice coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

I worked alone (with a little help from my friendly neighbor, Valinka.  She bought me extra milk 3 times when I ran out.) all day until 9p.m. We were busy all day long.  You would think that would make me tired but there is nothing I like better than to have Teteria full and buzzing with people.

At 9 o’clock when the bathroom line reached the front door and people started getting a little too drunk for my little cafe’s taste, I closed.  I do not like being the potty police.   It was getting a little embarrassing.  People begging to pee and sneaking in without buying anything.  I don’t want to tell people they can’t pee without buying something but….duh!? Many people just wanted to pay for the bathroom but That felt very weird to me.  I wanted them to enjoy the cafe and use the bathroom because it was convenient. Not the other way around.

The last four girls in the door snuck in the bathroom line after I had announced that we were closed.  I had to make them leave. I didn’t like doing it but,  it wouldn’t be fair to the other’s if I didn’t.  I found their transparency of emotions humorous.  At first they tried to pretend that they didn’t realize I was talking to them.  Then they tried to explain how fast they could pee.  After that they wanted to pay me for the bathroom.  Next came the begging, Please, please, etc.  and last they tried the human rights angle saying that I was denying them a basic human right.  Ha ha ha.

All in all we had the busiest day we have ever had since we opened in November 2010. yipee!

If only we were that full all the time….  I love my work when I’m actually working, and then it doesn’t even feel like work.


One comment on “Distortion

  1. lordbottletop
    June 8, 2012

    Nice. Simple, to the point, and funny. And very you.

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