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Really….You think that is ok?

Being her at Teteria hour after hour, day after day, month after month, has exposed me to many things.  I have learned so much about the Danish culture and people in general by opening my door to all sorts.  I am exposed to the good, the bad, and the really….you think that is ok?.

Her are some of my experiences:

Do you have a bathroom?

People come in all the time just to use the bathroom.  I find this really annoying.  I mean who looks at an almost empty cafe on a street full of cafes and thinks “I should use the one where there are no other customers”? But that is not even the worsts.  A few weeks ago as I was taking the chairs in from outside getting ready to close, this big guy yells at me from across the street, “Hey, do yo have a bathroom?”.  Everyone looks at him and then at me as I nod in affirmation.  It caught me off guard.  So this guy comes in and he is big!  I’m talking 2 meters.  He enters the bathroom and does not exit for about 15 min.  When he finally comes out he says “your bathroom is like a temple,  I should take all of my dumps here!”.  REALLY…YOU THINK THAT IS OK?  Not only did he take a big smelly dump in the bathroom with out buying anything, he also left smudge marks in the toilet that I then had to clean.  GROSS!


A group of 3 women and 1 man sit outside in front of Teteria.  The man comes in and buys a piece of pie and a coffee.  The women don’t come in to order but proceed to take out the cans of beer and candy bars they bought at the kiosk on the corner.  REALLY…YOU THINK THAT IS OK?  After awhile the guy leaves and his…. I think it was his mom and sisters stay for about 2 more hours.  When they leave, just to put a really classy touch on the whole episode, they leave their trash for me to clean up!


I try to be really helpful and friendly to pregnant women and women with little babies.  I was just there and I know how hard it can be.  Here at Teteria we have a changing table, allow nursing, pram/stroller parking, we have a changing table, toys, etc to help deal with babies.  One day a woman came in with a wailing 6 week old baby. I told her to come in, sit down, nurse, and take care of the baby.   When the baby had calmed down she came up to order some tea.  We started chatting when all of the sudden I thought I smelled smoke.  I look around the corner to find her scarf had ignited a fire on the candle and spread to the table.  With my cloth shoes I stop out the fire and pour water on the final embers.  The table is ruined.  This is one of 8 tables here in the cafe.  It’s not just any table….  When I was 6 months pregnant we took a one night, 28hr round trip to Paris to pick these tables up.  I am emotionally attached to these tables, they are special, they are beautiful!

In the process of assessing the damage to the table I pick up the remainder of the scarf at which point the woman speaks up…Not to say she is sorry but to ask me to please save the rest of the scarf in a plastic bag.  She had just gotten it and wanted to safe the little scrap that was left. REALLY…YOU THINK THAT IS OK?  Don’t you realize that you started a fire and ruined a table at my cafe? At this point I just really want her to leave.  I am not even trying to be nice to her.  We both know she is never coming back.  I wouldn’t!  She pays her 30kr for the tea and sits there and drinks it….slowly.



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