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I am on the internet a lot and I find cool stuff all the time.  Here are two new things I found today.

The first is something called RayFish Footwear.  I’m not really sure if it is cool or not but it is definitely interesting.  It is a company that lets you design your own pattern and color scheme which they will then grow on a stingray, and make shoes for you from it.

And right now they have a contest. You submit your design and you could win a pair for yourself…. I don’t know how I feel about raising a pattern,er… I mean animal,  just to kill it. But I’m no vegetarian so…… I totally submitted a design or um…3.


The second thing I found today was the web site  Here you can enter where you are traveling from and to.  Then they will tell you the cool things to do on the way.




It is a cool idea but when I tried it out for our beach to mountains trip this summer, all I got was fast food joints.  I was hoping for some cool sites and I know they are out there.  I guess I will have to find them the old fashioned way….ask my Facebook friends.


While writing this post I came across a site that I actually found a long time ago.  It is made especially for people like me who can’t seem to hold on to the spelling of specific words.  I don’t know why I have problems with that word but thank god there is a web site to help me.  I don’t know what I would do with out the internet!  I mean where would I be without all the access to funny new websites, pages that help me spell and facebook? Answer:  focusing more on work and paying the bills….BORING!


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