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2 new ways to save the planet

I am always thinking of great ways to save the planet.  I think this habit has some how rubbed off on the rest of the world.  I have always been a total trendsetter.  Everyone seems to want to help me in saving the world…which is great!  I think the best way for this to work is if we all come up with new ideas (of which mine are always the best) and then everyone should implement those ideas and practices.  I am of course exempt from the latter part because I’m the one who comes up with all the best ideas.  I am so worn out by all this creative thinking that I can’t be expected to do much more.

My latest idea for saving the planet is kind of a local solution.  Here in Copenhagen the number one form of transport is on 2 wheels. It seems crazy when you consider the weather.  Danes are kind of crazy….and not in the good way!  It rains like 9 days out of 10 and most of them don’t even use umbrellas or hood on their jackets.

Anyways….There is a lot of hype about electric cars but most people don’t have a car and if they do it is for longer distances that are un-realistic for an electric car.   Inside the city people use bikes or scooters…So my idea is to make electric scooters/mopeds.

It is kind of anti-climatic after all the introduction I gave you to my brilliant ideas.  But even though it is a bit boring…it is a pretty good idea.  There are plenty of people that use scooters in Copenhagen. They are a good way to get around.  They offer all of the flexibility(it is so much faster to get around this city on bike) of a bike with more speed and less effort.  I think they would be easy to make electric.


The other idea was actually Peter’s.  It was to put a magnifying glass on solar panels to make them make more power.  But I looked it up and it won’t work.  The cells get too hot and then you damage the solar panel.  Which makes sense.  And I’m not really surprised that my idea is better than Peter’s .

So go out and start making some electric scooters and then start riding them around Copenhagen.  You are welcome!



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