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Blue stocking name

This is the first blog entry and I thought I would use it to explain the name “My Blue Stocking”. I was trying to come up with a name for the blog (it’s harder than you think). I wanted something that referred to what the blog is going to be about…i.e. me, my cafe “teteria” in copenhagen, what it means to own my own business and how I do it. My inspirations, and new ideas, plus thing I find interesting. You know…all that bullshit that I think is interesting but maybe I shouldn’t share all of it with my friends on facebook…..they have started to block me ’cause I post too often.
Anyway, I made up a list of words that might describe all of that but nothing really encompassed the concept for me.

Here is the list: the ready, simply ready, able notions, ready notions, busy lady, life ready, working it, working lady, headless business lady, etc.
Pretty bad right?  Well then I remembered a concept called a Salon. It is from way back in the day when women had no real power in society. They would organize these evenings with inspiring people, artists, thinkers, intellectuals and such. They would chose the theme and the group of people would discuss over dinner and drinks. It fits, I thought. But then, after looking further on Wikipedia I found the nickname for the women who held salons “the blue stockings” which also came to refer to an intellectual woman.
So there you have it. I hope I can live up to the name. If I don’t end up being the Intellectual woman all the time I reserve the right to claim the name of the blog came from what I was wearing today and nothing else!

I found this picture here.


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