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My fake eyelashes are weighing down my eyelids. I’ve been tired all day… Advertisements

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acorn squash gnocchi with butter rosemary sauce

Well…the picture does not reflect the tastiness of this dish but I promise you will not regret making it.  It was super easy and doesn’t take all that long if … Continue reading

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Drying in the microwave

My husband said that my blog was depressing… So here is a post about drying herbs and stuff in the microwave. I have limited equipment and ingredients here in the … Continue reading

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i’m feeling like this lately.

I have lived a charmed life…notice that I use past tense.  I hope the “l” comes back soon.  

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but i am trying….

I have a cafe.  It is my life’s work.  It is where I spend all of my time and energy.  When I’m not here physically I am still here in … Continue reading

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dazzling raindrops

  I found this on For the past few weeks artist Antonin Fourneau has been working at the Digitalarti Artlab in Paris creating what’s being called his Water Light Graffiti system. The device utilizes a giant … Continue reading

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Introducing Bela

I realize that I have not written about my sweet dog Bela.  So I thought I would share some pictures of my mini friend. Bela is 3 years old.  Peter … Continue reading

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